Appointing Managers, Coaches and Umpires

The appointment of managers, coaches and umpires is extremely critical to the success and operation of any local Little League.

At our hypothetical league (known here as Northwest Little League), it has formed committees, which are identified in its constitution, to help seek and screen those interested, before the season, in serving as a manager, coach or umpire. Northwest also recruits individuals during the player registration process. At Northwest, each interested person completes a Little League Volunteer Application, plus a short background and biographical sheet so the league can get to know the individual a little better. The background and bio sheet is not required under Little League regulations.

After each committee reviews applicants, it provides a list to the president of those meeting the conditions to be a Little League volunteer. Following review, the president will appoint the individuals. He/she will then take those appointments to the board of directors, which will approve or disapprove that appointment. No person can manager, coach or umpire without the president appointing and the board approving that appointment. 

The committees will notify the individuals whether they have or have not been appointed and approved. The committees simply do this by a letter or email that states either they have or have not been approved. The committees, president, or board SHOULD NOT state a reason to any person that have not been approve/appointed.

This process is to be taken for each individual, regardless of years of service. Whether an individual as been a coach for 20 years or two years, he/she must be re-appointed/re-approved annually. No individual has tenure, regardless of the years of service. 

Committees are not required but suggested to assist with the process. A president may review all applicants in place of a committee.

Additionally, all appointments MUST be made AFTER the background check is completed and that individual is not in violation of regulation I (b) and I (c).

Leagues are highly encouraged to have all managers, coaches and umpires participate in a variety training programs. These include online education, district events, state events and region events.

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